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  • SECTION 1: Introduction to Getting Your Dream Job and How to Take this Course
    10 Reasons Why People Don't Do Well in Interviews & Why You Will Do Well!3:07
    Attached Are Your 3 Success Journals for this Course & Why This Will Help You2:18
    Interview Journal Exercise #1: Let's Find Out What Your Weaknesses Are Right Now0:43
  • SECTION 2: Part 1 of 3: Interviewing: Let's Turn Your Weaknesses into Strengths
    Addressing Your Weaknesses Introduction2:07
    Interview Journal Exercise #2: Let's Turn Your Weaknesses into Strengths1:25
    #1 You Don’t Think You Have Enough Work Experience to Get the Job.2:26
    #2: You Don’t Think You Have the Right Education to Get the Job.2:28
    #3: You Have Had Too Many Jobs for Short Periods of Time.2:41
    #4: You Were Fired or Let Go.5:20
    #5: You Were Unemployed or Didn’t Work for An Extended Period of Time.3:16
    #6: You Think You Are Too Young.2:45
    #7: You Think You Are Too Old.2:21
    #8: You Are Overqualified for The Job.2:03
    #9: You Might Not Have the Right Work Visa.2:47
    #10: You Don't Have the Right Background or Life Experiences.2:11
    #11: You Have Worked in Industries that Have Nothing to Do with This Job.1:03
    #12: You Don’t Have Enough Confidence to do Well in Interviews.1:04
    #13: Something Happened to Or By You That Might Stop You From Getting Hired.7:46
    #14: Your Grades or Test Scores Aren't High Enough.3:36
    You Should Now Have the Confidence to Address These Perceived Weaknesses.1:40
    Side Note: Please Don't Discuss Compensation Until You Get the Offer : )
  • SECTION 3: What Are Your Strengths & How to Ace Questions About What You Are Good At
    Addressing Your Strengths Introduction1:38
    Interview Journal Exercise #3.1: What Your Strengths Are & How to Address Them0:59
    #1: Teamwork - How to Answer a Question on this Strength Quality1:15
    #2: Passion - How to Answer a Question on this Strength Quality1:13
    #3: Dedication & Hard Work - How to Answer a Question on this Strength Quality0:57
    #4: Enjoy - How to Answer a Question on this Strength Quality2:26
    #5: Exceed Expectations - How to Answer a Question on this Strength Quality2:51
    #6: Dependable - How to Answer a Question on this Strength Quality2:34
    #7: Organized - How to Answer a Question on this Strength Quality1:43
    #8: Customer Focused - How to Answer a Question on this Strength Quality1:26
    #9 What Makes You Different? - How to Answer a Question on this Strength Quality4:43
    #10 Why Has Everything You Have Done in Your Life Lead You to Excel at This Job?2:08
    Additional Strength Key Words to Mention/Discuss if You Can in the Interview....2:15
    Interview Journal Exercise #3.2: Put Additional Strength Key Words Into Answers0:53
  • SECTION 4: What to Bring to the Interview to Increase Your Chances of Getting Hired
    Introduction to Items to Bring to the Interview1:31
    Why the "What to Bring" Strategy Has Worked for Me Over and Over Again4:45
    Interview Journal Exercise #4.1: What to Bring Checklist for Interviews6:07
    Interview Journal Exercise #4.2: If Interviewing for Finance Job Make/Bring This3:29
    Interview Journal Exercise #4.3: If Interviewing for Management Job Make/Bring..2:08
    Interview Journal Exercise #4.4: If Interviewing for A Sales Job Make/Bring This4:12
    Interview Journal Exercise #4.5: If Interviewing for Operations Make/Bring This5:05
    Interview Journal Exercise #4.6: If Interviewing for Assistant Job Make/Bring...2:12
    Interview Journal Exercise #4.7 If Interviewing for Human Resources Make/Bring..2:21
    Side Note: Do Research on the Company Before the Interview : )
    Interview Journal Exercise #4.8 If Interviewing for A Job Not Mentioned Above...2:24
  • SECTION 5: How to Answer Any Question You Have No Idea How to Answer & Using Frameworks
    Introduction to Frameworks and Answering Questions When You Are Stuck1:11
    Interview Crutch Introduction4:30
    Answering Qualitative General Business or Consulting Questions Using Frameworks3:43
    Answering Qualitative Questions Using the S.W.O.T. Analysis Framework2:06
    Answering Qualitative Questions Using the B.C.G. Analysis Framework3:07
    Answering Qualitative Questions Using the P.L.C. Analysis Framework1:04
    Answering Qualitative Questions Using the Porters 5 Forces Analysis Framework0:38
    Answering Quantitative or Finance Questions Using these 5 Frameworks I Created10:46
    HELP! How Do You Answer Questions When You Have No Idea! Use this Framework!1:42
    Interview Journal Exercise #5.1: How to Answer Questions When Lost Template0:43
    Interview Journal Exercise #5.2: Optional: Complete this Additional Template0:44
  • SECTION 6: What You Must Know About the Company That Is Interviewing You
    Introduction to Company Research Strategies1:29
    How to Research the Company You Are Interviewing at Part 1 of 22:01
    How to Research the Company You Are Interviewing at Part 2 of 22:56
    Interview Journal Exercise #6: Checklist of What You Need to Know About the Firm2:42
  • SECTION 7: Bond with the Interviewer First!
    Introduction to Why Bonding is Crucial in an Interview0:44
    Strategy for the First 5-10 Minutes of Every Interview2:05
    Can You Pass the O’Hare Test?9:36
    Side Note: Did this Candidate Pass the Interview Test? : )
    Search LinkedIn & Learn More About Your Potential Interviewers Before Interviews1:58
    Interview Journal Exercise #7.1: List 2 Things You Have In Common With Them1:14
    Interview Journal Exercise #7.2: Questions to Remember to Pass the O'Hare Test0:35
  • SECTION 8: Transition Words, Words to Use, Words Not to Use and Words That Buy You Time!
    Introduction to Transition Words1:08
    Structuring Logic with Transition Words and Words to Use that Will Buy You Time2:43
    Words to Say that Your Interviewer Will Remember and Appreciate2:58
    Words or Things to Never Say in an Interview!...1:56
    Transition Words to Use When You Want to Politely Disagree with the Interviewer0:44
    Journal Exercise #8: Using Transition Words to Structure Your Logic and Buy Time0:56
  • SECTION 9: When to Stop Talking & How do You Know If You Are Doing Well (Do They Like You)?
    Introduction to Knowing How You Are Doing0:53
    How Do You Know if the Interviewer Likes You?0:53
    Don’t Ever Oversell "Or You Will Lose the Sale"2:45
  • SECTION 10: How to Know What the Next Question is That They Will Ask You?
    Introduction to Predicting What They Will Ask Next0:48
    How to Answer Questions the Strategic and Pre-emptive Way....5:30
    Interview Journal Exercise #10: Answering the Preemptive & Logical Strategic Way1:02
    Side Note: Please Please Pleaaaaase Remember the Name of the Interviewer : )
  • SECTION 11: Practice Answering These Tough Questions (and My Humble Thoughts on How)
    Introduction to Practicing Answering Questions0:59
    Interview Journal Exercise #11: Answering These Tough Questions0:43
    Answering the "Why Do You Want to Leave Your Current Company" Question3:27
    Answering the "I Don't Think You Are Qualified for this Job" Question3:21
    Answering "Why Were You Fired [if Applicable]". Be Honest (it Works)3:20
    Answering the "What is Your Weakness" Question1:13
    Answering the "What is Your Strength" Question1:47
    Answering the "Tell Me About Yourself" Question1:53
    Answering the "Tell Me About X" Questions2:56
    WOW....Answering "What Computer Security Vulnerability Have You Uncovered?"2:34
    Answering "Do You Have Something on Your Record We Should Know About" Question2:32
    Answering "How Much Does a 747 Weigh?" from My Citadel Hedge Fund Interview1:45
    Answering "Why Are Construction Hole Covers Round" from Microsoft Interviews0:48
    Answering the "Parking Lot Question" from My Procter & Gamble Interview2:26
    Answering the "What is Your Biggest Failure" Question2:00
    Answering "Why Didn't You Go to Harvard" Question - They Asked Me this @ Goldman0:43
    Answering the "Work Visa" Question2:29
    Answering the "I Hate Where You Are from" Question. Seriously?1:35
    Answering "What is Your #1 Investment Idea. No I Mean #2. No I Mean #3" @Goldman1:25
    Answering "I See You Speak Multiple Languages So I'll Interview You in French!"1:07
  • SECTION 12: Why You Need to Think Like Your Interviewer & Help Them with Their Career
    Introduction to Thinking Like the Interviewer2:13
    What Value Can You Add Immediately to Show You are Proactive and Resourceful1:50
    Interview Journal Exercise #12: How Can You Help Your Interviewer's Career?2:51
    Side Note: Make Sure You Show that You Are Focused on 1 Job Function Only : )
  • SECTION 13: Additional Crucial Strategies to Address in Interviews
    Technology to Use to Record Yourself Interviewing and What to Watch Out For1:50
    The Drill Down Tactic That Interviewers Use1:20
    Tip to Learn How Your Interviewer(s) Pronounce Their Names2:10
    Dealing with An Aggressive or Confrontational Interviewer0:43
    Topics to Never Bring Up in an Interview1:00
    Asking Friends, Family and Strangers for Help With Your Upcoming Interview1:02
    Strategies to Use with a Skype or Phone Interview3:10
    Side Note: Internet Based Interviews - Please Check the Audio & Visual First : )
    Best Way to Avoid Being Nervous (Don't Worry They Can't Tell You Are Nervous!)1:24
    Why You Must Assume All People Interviewing You Are More Senior Than You0:49
    You Must Show Consistency (Everything In My Life Lead Up to This Opportunity)0:51
    Interview Journal Exercise #13: Why Everything You've Done Leads Up to this Job1:18
  • SECTION 14: Body Language, Tone, Voice Modulation and Demeanor During the Interview
    Introduction to Body Language Strategies1:16
    Eye Contact Strategy1:19
    The Hand Shake, Smile and Business Card Exchange3:16
    Tone and Voice Modulation1:14
    Hand Gestures, Seating Posture and When to Stand0:33
    Qualities that Interviewers Like and Additional Demeanor Commentary1:17
    Interview Journal Exercise #14: Improving Body Language When Answering Questions1:40
  • SECTION 15: What to Wear to the Interview
    What to Wear to the Interview0:42
    Why I Failed At My Microsoft Interview in 19932:36
    How do I know What to Wear? What Are the Resources?1:21
    Side Note: What Not to Wear and How Not to Conduct Yourself In an Interview : )
  • SECTION 16: Reasons I Have Hired and Not Hired People
    Don't Hire People that Are Arrogant2:29
    Don’t Hire Someone that Wants the Job Only for the Money1:08
    Don't Hire Anyone that Lacks Focus0:56
  • SECTION 17: Strategies Based on the Seniority of the Person Interviewing You
    Introduction to Why it is Crucial to Understand Rank in Interviews2:37
    How to Interview with an Executive 2 Levels More Senior Than You (Act Smartest)2:35
    How to Interview with an Executive 1 Level More Senior Than You (Careful...)2:57
    How to Interview with an Executive at Your Level or More Junior than You2:07
    How to Interview with An Executive from a Different Department1:10
    Please Note, Interviewing with Smaller/Start-ups Requires a Different Approach1:19
    Journal Exercise #17: Interviewing with Executives from Different Levels0:53
  • SECTION 18: Questions to Ask in The Interviews
    Why it is Crucial to Prepare Questions and Change Them Based Who Interviews You1:44
    At What Point in the Interview Should You Ask Questions?0:37
    Questions to Ask Executives that Are 2 Or More Levels Senior to You3:24
    Questions to Ask More Senior Executives in Different Departments1:08
    Questions to Ask Your Potential New Boss2:11
    Questions to Ask Executives that Are the Same Level as You or More Junior0:34
    Interview Journal Exercise #18: What Questions to Ask Based On Their Levels1:01
  • SECTION 19: What to Do the Morning of the Interview (Before the Interview)
    Introduction to the Pre Interview Morning Strategy0:56
    How to Get Into the Ideal/Perfect State/Mood For the Interview1:27
    What to Read Before the Interview During Breakfast1:33
    When to Show Up for the Interview1:04
    Interview Journal Exercise #19: Complete the Morning of The Interview Checklist1:08
  • SECTION 20: What to Do Immediately After the Interview
    Introduction to the Post Interview Strategy1:15
    Thank you Emails and Handwritten Note Strategy4:57
    Journal Exercise #20: What to Do Immediately After The Interview Checklist1:05
    What Do You Do 1 Week After the Interview if You Haven't Heard from The Company?2:15
    2 Weeks Have Passed...What Should I Do?0:48
    Please Take at Least 1 Week Off in Between Jobs (or Longer if You Can)!0:31
  • SECTION 21: You Got the Job! Now What?
    WAIT Don't Quit Your Current Job Without Asking Your Company About These 3 Items1:04
    Negotiating Your Salary or a Guarantee1:08
    What to Include in Your Email+LinkedIn Update to All Stating You Are Leaving0:58
    Journal Exercise #21: What to Write in Your "Moving On" Email/LinkedIn Update1:11
  • SECTION 22: What if You Don't Get the Job & When to Turn Down the Offer
    What to Do If You Don't Get the Job+Why Interviewing is a GREAT Use of Your Time2:11
    How to Respond to a Rejection2:23
    When to Turn Down a Job Offer2:46
    Interview Journal Exercise #22: How to Respond to a Rejection Via Email0:53
  • SECTION 23: Part 1 Articles I Published that Could Help with Interviewing
    Part 1 Best Practices & Conclusion!1:41
    How to Know When to Stop Talking in Any Interview or Negotiation
    Questions You Must Answer to Get Hired or Close a Sale!
    Please Conquer These 11 Interview and Business Fears Right Now
    3 Hiring (and Firing) Secrets That All Top Leaders Have Mastered
  • SECTION 24: Part 2 of 3: Building the Perfect Resume, LinkedIn Profile+Goal Setting Workshop
    Please Watch: Resume Building Introduction & the Optional Goal Setting Workshop21:04
    Introduction to the Harvard Business School Resume Format & Why We Must Use It7:44
    Resume Success Journal Exercise #24: What is Wrong with This Resume?0:41
    A Discussion of the Answers to the Resume Success Journal Exercise #245:57
  • SECTION 25: Goal Setting Workshop:What Your Perfect Resume Will Look Like in 10yrs[Optional]
    Introduction & Why This Goal Setting Exercise Will Change Your Life.7:07
    Examples of Your Perfect Simple Resume in 10 Years6:17
    Side Note: Passionate Speech by Matthew McConaughey on Him in 10 Years
    Resume Success Journal Exercise #25.1: Part 1/4: Writing Down Your 10 Year Goals2:43
    Resume Success Journal Exercise #25.2: Part 2/4: Categorizing Your Goals0:51
    Resume Success Journal Exercise #25.3: Part 3/4: Filling the 'Gap'4:16
    Resume Success Journal Exercise #25.4: Part 4/4: Finishing the Simple Resume1:01
    Congratulations & 5 Ways to Ensure/Guarantee That You Achieve Your Goals.4:42
  • SECTION 26: Impactful Words & Job Titles to Include on Your Resume
    Introduction to Impactful Words and Job Titles1:15
    Impactful Words to Use on Your Resume8:27
    What Tense to Use (Present or Past)?1:11
    Resume Success Journal Exercise #26: Using Impactful Words & in the Right Tense0:35
    Discussion of the Answers to Exercise #262:50
    Position Titles to Use on Your Resume2:30
  • SECTION 27: Your Biggest Accomplishments in Your Life (So Far) & How to List On Your Resume
    What Have You Done that's Impressive/Interesting/Unique to Impresses Interviewer9:02
    Resume Journal Exercise #27: List Impressive/Interesting & Unique on a Resume1:10
  • SECTION 28: Creating the 1st of 3 Sections of Your Resume (The Work Experience Section)
    Introduction & An Example of a Completed Resume1:05
    How to Create a Superb Work Experience Section of the Resume2:21
    Resume Journal Exercise #28: Creating the Work Experience Section of Your Resume4:26
  • SECTION 29: Creating the 2nd of 3 Sections of Your Resume (The Education Section)
    How to Create a Superb Education Section of the Resume3:46
    Resume Journal Exercise #29: Creating the Education Section of Your Resume2:46
  • SECTION 30: Creating the 3rd of 3 Sections of Your Resume (The Personal/Other Section)
    How to Create a Superb Personal/Other Section of the Resume9:21
    Resume Success Journal Exercise #30: Creating the Personal/Other Section2:03
  • SECTION 31: Formatting and Putting the Resume Content Together
    Woohoo! Success Journal Exercise #31: Creating Final Resume Product8:06
  • SECTION 32: Applying for Jobs with a Cover Letter Strategy
    The Only Thing That Matters When Writing A Cover Letter is...12:38
    Cover Letter Overview2:13
    The Changing Career Cover Letter (and Email Script if Applicable)6:48
    The I am a Student Cover Letter (and Email Script if Applicable)7:21
    The I'm Not a Student & I'm Not Changing Careers Cover Letter (& Email Script)6:50
    Resume Success Journal Exercise #32: Writing Your Cover Letter or Email Script
  • SECTION 33: Optimizing or Creating Your LinkedIn Profile to Improve Your Career Prospects
    Introduction to Optimizing/Improving Your LinkedIn Profile2:50
    Creating/Improving Your LinkedIn Profile Using Your Resume4:58
    Resume Journal Exercise #33: Copying Your Resume to Your LinkedIn Profile0:39
  • SECTION 34: Creating or Optimizing the Summary Section of Your LinkedIn Profile
    Introduction to What to Write On the Summary Part of your LinkedIn Profile3:12
    Checklist and Questions to Answer that Will Help You Write your LinkedIn Summary3:06
    Resume Exercise #34.1: Checklist+Questions to Answer to Help Write Summary0:21
    Putting it All Together and Writing Your Profile3:20
    Resume Exercise #34.2: Finishing Your LinkedIn Summary & Adding it to LinkedIn1:05
  • SECTION 35: Adding More Depth to Your LinkedIn Profile
    Adding More Work, Education, Personal Items & Bullet Points to Your Profile2:03
    Resume Success Journal Exercise #35: Adding More Items to Your LinkedIn Profile1:55
    Adding a Professional Photo/Head Shot1:55
  • SECTION 36: Adding Recommendations to Your LinkedIn Profile
    Why and How to Ask for Recommendations and Who Should You Ask?4:23
    Resume Success Journal Exercise #36: Adding Recommendations to Your Profile1:19
  • SECTION 37: Endorsing People on LinkedIn and Why You Should Do This
    Why You Should 'Endorse' People on LinkedIn2:19
    Resume Journal Exercise #37.1: Adding 50 Endorsement Words to Your Profile0:43
    Resume Success Journal Exercise #37.2: Endorsing Your Contacts0:54
  • SECTION 38: Why We All Must Become Journalists in Order to Network: I Will Teach You How
    Introduction to YOU as a Journalist (Networking Goldmine)5:55
    Start Participating on LinkedIn Via Simple Updates0:54
    What I Have Learned from Writing for Inc. Magazine, Wired and Other Publications7:48
    Resume Success Journal Exercise #38: Create a LinkedIn Post on "Pulse"3:18
  • SECTION 39: Following Successful People on LinkedIn
    Why Following Your Business Icons is Crucial on LinkedIn1:07
    Who Should You Follow, Why and Who Should You Never Follow?1:27
    Resume Success Journal Exercise #39: Following People on LinkedIn0:29
  • SECTION 40: Secrets to Get Recruiters & People You Want to Work for Notice You Via "Groups"
    Why Joining Many Groups Helps You a Lot1:31
    Resume Success Journal Exercise #40.1: Joining Many LinkedIn Groups0:35
    Get Recruiters to Find You Via Search Engine Optimization ("S.E.O.") Keywords9:46
    Resume Journal Exercise #40.2: SEO and Keyword Hacking on Your LinkedIn1:13
    Resume Journal Exercise #40.3: Now Let's Add Many Contacts to Our Profile!1:08
  • SECTION 41: Important Non-LinkedIn Tips to Ensure Recruiters Notice You (the Right Way Only)
    Why You Should Post Your Articles/Blogs to Google Plus1:40
    Recruiters are Watching Be Careful & Remove Certain Social Media Items About You4:53
  • SECTION 42: Part 3 of 3: Networking: Now is the Best Time in Your Life & History to Network
    Introduction and Why NOW is Your Time to Shine12:42
    Why Are There So Many "Move from the Mail Room to the Corner Office" Stories?5:15
    Why You Should Take Every Meeting (Yes You Do Have the Time)3:36
    The More People You Meet the More People You Will Meet2:56
    Networking Success Journal Exercise #42: Setting Up the Premium LinkedIn Feature4:39
  • SECTION 43: How Do We Get All of These Awesome Networking Meetings?
    How Do We Get Meetings?19:31
    Networking & Getting Meetings Using Your Hometown or Country of Origin2:57
    Networking & Getting Meeting Using Your Background/Heritage..Leverage Your Roots0:59
    Networking & Getting Meetings Using Schools You Have Attended2:41
    Networking & Getting Meetings Using Companies You Have Worked At0:59
    Networking & Getting Meetings Using Organizations You're a Member of1:28
    Networking & Getting Meetings Through 2nd Degree Connections3:22
    The Mother of All Networking Strategies is the Combo-Networking Approach2:28
    Networking Success Journal Exercise #43: Contacting 1 Person for a Meeting0:51
  • SECTION 44: Maintaining Networking by Staying in Touch …How Can We Follow Up?
    Finding Reasons to Stay in Touch2:19
    How Often Should You Meet?1:07
    Watch for New Job Announcements1:02
    Networking Success Journal Exercise #44: Staying on Top of Career Moves0:36
  • SECTION 45: Networking to Help You Change or Start a New Career
    Find and Take Advice from People that Have Changed Careers2:37
    Understand Why You Want to Change Careers Before Making it Happen5:26
    The Hybrid Career Change Approach1:32
    Networking to Get a Different Role in the Same Firm or at a Different Firm2:30
    Consider An Internship (Even An Unpaid One)1:16
    Networking Success Journal Exercise #45.1: Setting Up an Informational Meeting1:09
    Networking Success Journal Exercise #45.2: Find a Mentor in Another Department2:08
  • SECTION 46: Networking with Your Heart So You Can "Accidentally" Receive 10x > than You Give
    Random Acts of Networking Kindness (This is Why Those People Are So Successful!)6:36
    Why Networking is VERY Similar to Dating! What Can We Learn from This?12:54
    Networking Success Journal Exercise #46.1: Using the N.M.E. Strategy1:46
    Networking and Ask Those That Love You for Help (of Course They Want To Help!)1:16
    Networking Success Journal Exercise #46.2: Setting Up Meeting to Mentor Someone1:26
    Networking Tips from Steve Jobs
  • SECTION 47: Networking to Reach Your Goals [Optional: If You Completed the Goal Exercise]
    Introduction to Filling the Gap So We Can Achieve Our Goals Via Networking Help2:06
    Finding People that Achieved Your Work, Education and Personal 10 year Goals2:32
    Networking Success Journal Exercise #47: Meeting with these 10yr Goal Achievers!0:22
  • SECTION 48: Networking Strategies if You Have No Idea What to Do and/or You're a Student
    Introduction and Why Thinking Long Term Can Help You Figure It All Out1:12
    Strategy #1: Staying in School (or Going Back to School Regardless of Your Age)1:41
    Strategy #2: Network to Get an "Origination" Job (Makes You More Marketable)4:31
    Strategy #3: Think with Your Heart Today & Help Others: Your Resume Will Love It5:49
    Strategy #4: Keep Doing Informationals Over and Over and Over Again0:52
    Networking Journal Exercise #48: Did People in Strategies 1-4 Make it Later?0:50
  • SECTION 49: Articles I Published that Could Help with Networking
    5 Ways to Use Fewer Words for Stronger Emails to Send to Interviewers
    Yes You Can Change Careers! Why to Cut All Ties with Negative People
    Freedom to Live Life on Your Terms
    This Video Will Change Your Life!
  • SECTION 50: Conclusion, Next Steps and Thank you!
    Conclusion, Next Steps and Thank You!1:55

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Chris is the author of 101 Crucial Lessons They Don't Teach You In Business School. Forbes recently called this book '1 of 6 books that all entrepreneurs must read right now'.

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He has an MBA in Finance from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Commerce Degree with a major in Management Information Systems and International Business from McGill University where he is a McGill University Dobson Fellow. He has founded several companies, including his most recent company, BusinessCareerCoaching and he serves on the boards of several Bay Area technology companies and charities and he lives in Hillsborough, California. Chris Haroun's goal is to "make business education impactful and entertaining with no boring theory; edutainment works!"


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