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Create a Budget that Works
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  • Access 31 lectures & 2 hours of content 24/7
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Course Curriculum

31 Lessons (2h)

  • Documents to Download Before you Begin
    Document Downloads - The Budget Kit 6th Edition eBook
    Download Documents - PDF Worksheets from The Budget Kit eBook
    Document Downloads - Excel Package
    New Lecture
  • Step 1: Introduction and Gathering the Pieces
    Overview of Course and Product Downloads3:40
    Documents to Get Started Successfully6:30
    What Worked and Didn't Work Before6:54
    Variable Income Document
  • Step 2: Discovering the Missing Link
    Documents for Step 2 - Course Worksheets Folder
    Overview of Discovering the Missing Links and Tools You Will Use5:06
    Getting Started - Uncovering those Periodic Surprise Expenses10:55
    Managing Hidden Lifestyle and Holiday Surprise Expenses9:47
    Most Overlooked Expense of the Missing Link14:04
    Master your Finances while Conquering the Missing Link13:52
    How Others Conquered the Missing Link
  • Step 3: Create a Monthly Spending Plan that Works for You
    Documents for Step 3 - Course Worksheets Folder
    Overview for Creating a Monthly Spending Plan9:31
    Managing Your Income and Fixed Expenses More Mindfully9:31
    The Forgotten Monthly Expenses15:03
    Now What? Putting All the Information Together7:27
    Timing and Planning is Everything10:25
    How Others Created Successful Monthly Spending Plans
  • Step 4: Tracking the Spending Leaks
    Documents for Step 4 - Course Worksheets Folder
    Overview for Tracking the Spending Leaks6:42
    Successful Tracking Techniques19:31
    What Bill Gates, Beatles & Ben Franklin Have in Common with Tracking8:34
    Notice if Spending is in Alignment with Your Priorities9:17
    What Others Discovered while Tracking their Expenses
  • Step 5: Financial Wrap Up - Review, Compare and Adjust
    Summary - Taking That First Step1:52
    Five Step Review10:40
    Special Coaching Package

Create a Budget that Works

Judy Lawrence


Judy Lawrence is a professional Financial Counselor, Budget Coach and founder of www.moneytracker.com. She is the author of The Budget Kit: Common Cents Money Management Workbook 6th Ed (Kaplan Publishers -Over 425,000 copies in print). The Budget Kit is a perennial bestseller for Kaplan Publishing (previously Dearborn Publishers) for over 20 years and other publishers before that.

This time-tested workbook is now in its fourth decade serving multiple generations. When Judy originally self-published “Common Cent$” she was ahead of her time with her pioneering concepts for creating a basic, complete and user-friendly budgeting system in layman’s terms along with visual hands-on worksheets for quick understanding. And these concepts continue to stay relevant and effective.


For most people, budgeting is a complicated chore. However, by simply paying a little closer attention and planning for the surprise expenses that inevitably come around every year, you can gain better control over your finances and be more comfortable spending your money where you want to spend it. This course will teach you proven methods to tighten your financial belt a little now, so you can more confidently loosen it later.

  • Access 31 lectures & 2 hours of content 24/7
  • Understand & see clearly why your debt balance keeps growing, even though you are making money
  • Build a monthly spending plan that makes sense & works
  • Discover where your spending leaks are & how to stop them
  • Prepare yourself for budget-busting surprise expenses & have a plan for handling them
  • Plan your gift & holiday expenses & avoid the holiday debt hangover
  • Gain more mindfulness, confidence & solid mastery over your finances

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